I had the honor of working with Tiny Houses of Maine and assisting them in developing a beautifully built responsive website that functions flawlessly on all devices. Additionally, we’ve introduced a few brand-new features that genuinely distinguish this website from any of our regional rivals. The cost estimation form that lets you enter the model of the tiny house you want and then build it using the options you select, giving you a general idea on pricing that is emailed straight to you, was one of my personal favorite additions that we built. Consider it, then let us know what you think! This was a great enjoyable assignment because Tiny Houses of Maine was not only a pleasure to deal with and very professional, but their work is also quite intriguing!

Small Houses of Maine is an organically growing company made up of designers, builders, and tiny house residents that collaborate to develop miniature homes for straightforward living. Yes! To better understand what works and what doesn’t, some of us even live in tiny homes. We create your tiny home specifically for you and your needs. Then, in order to keep your tiny house out of the elements while building is taking place, we build your home within our facility in Biddeford, Maine. Finally, we give you a tiny house that was made specifically for you and designed to resist the abrasive New England climate. We sell tiny house trailers in your area. The simplest design to build on is our Low-Boy one.

Make your tiny dwelling ideas a reality by working with Tiny Houses of Maine.

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