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Portland Nursery School | New Website Design 2019

The website for the Portland Nursery School has recently undergone redesigning to assist them stand out and make information more accessible to prospective students. As part of my parental responsibilities at the time that my son was enrolled in their excellent co-op preschool program, I created a website for them back in 2014.

Due to the fact that the majority of Internet users in 2019 access the web through mobile devices, we chose to go with a more straightforward but yet complex design that puts mobile users first. The enrollment form, which is the main new feature, guides parents through the pre-enrollment process simply and painlessly with just a few easy steps to acquire the necessary information and gives a better picture of what Portland Nursery Schools co-op program is all about.

We have increased payment options so that enrollment fees can now be paid online for the parents who have already enrolled or who are prepared to do so. Since raising children can often be chaotic, we think that this will greatly simplify matters for the parents. Making payments online is simple and convenient, which might make life a bit easier.

For parents who have already enrolled or are preparing to do so, we have expanded our payment options so that enrollment costs can now be paid online. We believe that this will substantially simplify problems for the parents because raising children can frequently be chaotic. It might make things a little easier to be able to make payments easily and conveniently online.

Head on over to https://portlandnurseryschool.com/ and check them out now!

**UPDATE** July 2022

Portland Nursery School has closed it’s doors and is no longer operational

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